Want to AUTOMATE your email Campaign?

Are you still using tools for email campaigns which requires too much information to fill & require to monitor campaign on regular intervals?
According to a recent survey, tools which require manual observations reduces the efficiency by 13%. It is the same as doing campaigning manually which serves no point to use a tool if we are not getting the perfect output for the amount we paid for on the software.


Seeking the problem, SmartMail Pvt Ltd. has designed software that can not only automate the email campaign for you but can efficiently monitor campaign engagements to give you a daily report for analysis.

Smartmail Direct mail automation Software has been designed to get insights from your previous campaigns & pop out recommendations in your next campaign. It also gives the best suggestion possible to enhance the campaign to skyrocket your sales. It also has authorized & most clicked design templates that can lay down a foundation for your campaign. This tool comes with a FREE guide & 3 trial campaigns to show the complete working. The tool which requires the least technical knowledge to work on, Provide Printing & shipping within 5 days.

No hustle in address verification which also comes FREE with the tool. Software that is a one-stop-shop for all campaigning programs. What are you waiting for? Hit the button below & Request a FREE Demo onsite.

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